What Goes Into Running a Live Casino Online?

live casino online

Live casino online is one of the most immersive real money gambling experiences you can get. A specialised streaming studio allows players to interact with real dealers who handle the cards, dice or roulette wheel, while software pays out any winnings automatically. The process might sound simple enough, but there is a lot that goes into providing this exciting real cash experience to players all over the world.

While nothing can match the thrill of being in a Las Vegas casino, playing at a live dealer game is the next best thing. The games are streamed in real time, so players can chat with the dealer and with other players who play the same game. The technology that makes this possible includes potent cameras and powerful computing hardware.

The first step is to find a reputable live casino website or app. Check the gaming lobby and look for a live section that offers your preferred games. Once you’ve done that, select a table with betting limits that suit your bankroll and click to join. You’ll then see a window or tab open with a live video feed of the selected table. The dealer and other players will greet you, so take a minute to get comfortable before you start placing bets.

Depending on the operator, there might be multiple camera angles available to players. For example, there could be a camera that captures a bird’s eye view of the table and another that captures a table view with the roulette wheel. This is done to ensure that all the necessary information is transmitted to the player’s device, regardless of which angle you choose to view.

In addition to cameras, there are also other hardware pieces that make the whole system work. The most important piece is the GCU (Gaming Control Unit), which is a small computer that’s responsible for encoding the video that’s streamed to the players. The GCU also has other functions, like capturing the wheel’s rotations in high-definition and a picture-to-picture display.

In order to be considered a real casino, a site needs to have certain qualities that set it apart from its digital counterparts. For starters, the website must have a licensed operator and be regulated by the gambling commission. It should also have a dedicated studio and a team of expert technicians to support the players. Moreover, it must use software from the leading providers in the industry and follow strict rules of security to protect players. Lastly, it must offer an extensive range of gaming options to appeal to all kinds of gamblers. It’s worth mentioning that these factors aren’t always exclusive to a live casino, but that they contribute to its overall quality and credibility. Nevertheless, they’re a must-have for anyone looking to try their luck in the real world of gambling.